• 2008 Critics Best Cajun Food/Music Venue
  • 2005 Critics Best Oysters
  • 2005 Critics Best Louisiana Po'Boys
  • 2004 Critics Best Sandwich
  • 2004 Critics Best Cajun-Creole

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  • Rated "A" for Excellence



Dining Out with Rob Balon


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"The fare is authentic and prepared with much pride and creativity. The appetizers make you think you're catching a breath of that stale yet sweet swamp air from the Atchafalaya."

"The Cheeseburger is an old Cajun recipe that produces a thunderous taste blast. Upon pain of decapitation, I can't reveal to you the secret. But try one. They are really good."

Rob Balon, Dining Out with Rob Balon, 2004

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Austin Chronicle


"The rustic decor, large selection of Abita beers, live zydeco music, and bread regularly imported from the famed Langlinais Bakery in Lafayette serve to enhance a vibe that is pure Acadiana. We recently journeyed down to Evangeline for a gustatory exploration of some newer menu items and were immediately reminded of just why we love this place."

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" A rollicking little restaurant in an innocuous South Austin strip, Evangeline was opened in 2004 by chef/owner Curtis Clarke (whose elegant mustaches are almost as famous as his cooking). " "Service is attentive and knowledgeable, and the kitchen consistently produces expertly prepared, beautifully seasoned fresh Louisiana food." "You can't talk about Evangeline as Cajun culture center without mentioning the music – Clarke maintains a varied live-music lineup several days each week."

MM Pack, Austin Chronicls, 2007

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"Now that I've sampled several dishes from Clarke's menu, I'm betting that plenty of Louisiana ex-pats and Cajun/Creole food lovers alike will beat a path to his door. His food is the gen-u-ine article, chere." "It's all simple food, carefully prepared, and served in an atmosphere of warm hospitality. It's well worth the trip to far southwest Austin, though only marginally closer than Acadiana."

Virginia B Wood, Austin Chronicle, 2004

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Eat and Drink Austin

"Do you want Cajun food in Austin? Cajun food that will make even a Louisiana transplant drop their spoon and holler “Ai-yeeee”? Then what you want is Evangeline Café. " "It's a long drive to Louisiana, but Curtis Clarké and Evangeline Café can save you the trouble. Authentic Cajun food is as close as Brodie Lane, and as close to perfect as you're likely to find."

David Nathan, Eat and Drink Austin

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Austin-American Statesman

"Like the neighborhood bar on "Cheers," restaurants occasionally develop a congenial following in a relaxed setting where folks get to know each other by name. That has happened at Evangeline Cafe in Southwest Austin." " Maybe it's the live music (Tuesday to Friday nights) that brings diners back. Maybe it's the laid-back attitude. Most likely, though, it's Evangeline's Cajun and Creole fare."

Dale Rice, American-Statesman Restaurant Critic, 2005

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City (customer reviews -- rated 4 out of 5 stars)

"The food is awesome. The owner gets some of his ingredients from Louisiana. Ambience: Nothing fancy, just comfortable and good."

"They have the best fried shrimp in Austin, hands down. If this is your first time I highly recommend getting the Gold Band Creole."

"The atmosphere is authentic cajun and the food speaks for itself. It is fresh, spicy, unique and yet traditional cajun fare. The portions are good and the owner, Curtis is there every night to make sure you have a great dinner." "If you’re looking for true Cajun food in south Austin, this place cannot be beat. Take it for me native of Baton Rouge, it's not often to find a Cajun restaurant out side of Louisiana that has true Cajun cuisine."

"Even more surprising was the presentation and quality of the food. The presentation was as nice as anything I'd had at many 5 star restaurants and the quality matched."

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"I hesitated to write this because I don't want all you North Austinites comin' down here takin' my table. And all you SXSW folks, well, just stay downtown, won't you?"

"My first bite here was the Fried Oysters Contraband. There are no words to express how delicious they are. It took all my self control not to march into the kitchen and ask the cook to marry me."

"Fabulous little place for a Cajun/Creole cuisine fix."

"Ah Evangeline- Home of the Best fried oyster po-boy that I've had the good fortune to eat! The fried oysters are perfect - a melt in your mouth oyster center housed in a crunchy fried crust."

"There is a serious lack of Cajun fare being offered in Austin. Evangeline has to be the most authentic I have come by. The food is delicious and all of the staples are there."

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"My wife and I stumbled in for lunch and were plesantly suprised. It's not for the critic type pallet, it's for the every day south Austin type looking for a spot to just be. "

"Used to live in Lake Charles...they definately got the taste and look. Our check is never eye-poping, and you will leave satisfied. A word of caution on the dessert with pecan is awesome! "

"Very good Cajun food and even better music."

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Yahoo Local (customer reviews -- rated 4.5 out of 5 stars)

"Great atmosphere, better food!! The crawfish po-boy & ettoufee was excellent. Great prices & authenticity. We feel like we've found a real gem that isn't over commercialized."

"Everyone was so excited about the UNBELIEVABLE tastes.   You want the real thing, Evangeline's has the real thing...even down to the former Louisiana owner/cook."

"Cajun food changed my mind: it is great, i don't like cajun food ... but it was wonderful"

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